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Happy New Year everyone! I am hoping 2022 will bring about positive changes in the world. I plan to do my part to make our planet a safer, cleaner and more hospitable environment for all beings. As the pandemic continues to rage, we've all made changes in our lives. A lot of them are good, some not so great. I suffered some losses during this monumental time in history and I am hoping that with time, I will heal. In the meantime, I am building a life with a future that can't be destroyed by external forces. A life that is me to the fullest. It has taken deep thought, courage and determination. Look out 2022! Some days I wake up feeling overwhelmed with everything that I have convinced myself that I need to do. Creativity has no limits and my creative mind wants to "create it all". Keeping a balance in my busy life is not always easy. People have asked me how I can possibly be a visual artist, graphic designer, extreme gardener and yoga instructor. And occasionally dabble in stained glass. Well, the emphasis is on the word "balance" . Yoga is the study of balance; literally and figuratively! Balance is the aim of all living creatures; it is our home. (Rolf Gates, Meditation From The Mat) As we begin our yoga practice in the new year, I hope each of us finds the essence of our true selves and celebrate who we are. Let yoga be the light that shines for us to see along our spiritual path. We are all we need. We are our spiritual path. Let's awaken this within ourselves.

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A yoga space at home doesn't need to be large or fancy

• Step 1: Create space for a mat. This is really the only requirement for a home practice. Having a designated space to practice will help you stay consistent. You could use a small corner in the living room, or even the space next to your bed. There’s always room for yoga, even in the tiniest of spaces.

• Step 2: When attending a virtual yoga class, be sure to place your computer, laptop or other device with the screen at eye level so you don't have to crouch down to see the instructor

• Step 3: Make sure your space is peaceful. I suggest choosing a space that’s near natural light and free of noise and other distractions. Your yoga space should be a place where you can bend, stretch and practice in peace. In the summer you could even take your practice outdoors to enjoy the Zen of nature.

• Step 4: Invest in some yoga props such as blocks, straps, bolster and a blanket — but before you rush out and purchase any of these, try some items you have on hand. For a bolster, you can pile a couple of pillows on top of each other or roll up a blanket or towel. Stacked books work as yoga blocks, and a scarf or belt can be used in place of a yoga strap.

• Step 5: Keep it clean and organized. If you keep your space nice and neat, you’ll be more likely to use it. Eliminate clutter, putting all unnecessary stuff where it belongs. An uncluttered space promotes an uncluttered mind. It only takes a moment and by keeping your space uncluttered and clean, you are practicing sauca.

• Step 6: If you can leave your yoga space set up, make it yor own. Add a plant, some crystals, a Tibetan singing bowl... Voila! Your own private retreat.

Find A Quiet Place - Now ... Just ... Breathe

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